As a small business owner, it’s hard enough keeping up with your day to day operations without having to factor in marketing your business. Here is a quick list of small steps you can take that could have a big impact on your business, but that won’t add a ton of time to your weekly schedule.

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs
As a small business owner, the most valuable thing you have to offer that big box stores and corporations don’t have is: You. You are the face and voice of your business, and in this era of social media and interaction you have the power to communicate directly with your customers. Take full advantage of that as often as possible. This doesn’t mean just opening a Facebook company page or Twitter account, either. This means being active on those networks. Engage with customers. Ask them questions. Listen to feedback they might offer. Try and look at your social media accounts as part of your daily routine at work, they can give you a bigger return than you might expect.

Upgrade Your In Store Experience
Getting someone into your store may seem like a win, but really it’s just the beginning. The win will come when they come BACK to your store. Consider setting up a customer loyalty program for your business. Digital loyalty programs are becoming more and more inexpensive and easy to manage. For example, Huzzah Loyalty Rewards offers a package for small business that includes an iPad for customers to check into using their smartphones. (Packages start at $69. Learn more at

Get as Close as Possible
Hyperlocal isn’t just a buzzword, it’s becoming a real necessity and difference maker when considering where small businesses should allocate precious marketing dollars. As technology and information continues to progress, it’s this kind of hyperlocal targeting, previously only available to companies with six figure marketing budgets, is becoming available to small businesses who might only have a four figure budget. What makes more sense? A postcard blasted out to an entire city of people who might never even be in your area, or a mobile ad sent to a select number of consumers located within ten miles of your business? (And as a bonus, the targeted ad comes to you at a fraction of the cost of printing and mailing the postcard.)

Follow the trends
Calling mobile a trend is kind of a misnomer, because trends will come and go. Mobile is more of a new reality, but it’s new enough that small businesses are still dipping their toes in the water of mobile. Google is predicting that mobile searches (85.9 billion) will overtake desktop searches (84 billion) as early as 2015. That’s this year, if you’re keeping track. And these mobile searches are extremely relevant. Over 40% of mobile searches are local in nature, and 81% of conversions from mobile search happen within hours of the search. So if all signs point to mobile, why haven’t more SMBs taken advantage? Maybe it has to do with a lack of time to manage a mobile campaign, or the perceived cost of running mobile ads. UpSnap is working to relieve those reservations with a turn key approach to mobile advertising. For $100 a small business can have a custom landing page and mobile banner tailored to their business. For that $100 the SMB will be featured on hundreds of top mobile apps and sites, and UpSnap will provide a detailed report on the performance of their ads.

2015 is already off to a fast start. Don’t let your small business fall behind the competition.

UpSnap makes mobile advertising easy for small businesses. UpSnap will feed your ad to shoppers near your business for only $100/month, and you’ll be featured on our mobile ad network which includes hundreds of top apps and sites like CBS News, NBC News, Pandora, Accuweather, and many more. Learn more…