Mobile marketing may seem like new territory to most small businesses, but to the bigger box stores and corporations, it’s already become a major player in their marketing plan. The mobile marketing revolution isn’t about to happen, it’s already happened. You simply cannot ignore mobile and hope to succeed. But even still, it’s not easy for small businesses to allocate precious marketing dollars to a new avenue, so AdKnowledge has put together a list of 10 Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help Justify Your Budget. You can hit the link at the bottom of the page for the full list, but here are a couple of highlights:

Mobile ad spending is growing substantially across all industries
Last year the mobile ad growth expectation was 75% year over year, which makes up for a quarter of all digital ad spending. Who is responsible for a majority of this? Google and Facebook, of course. The companies saw their mobile ad revenue rise by nearly $7 billion in 2013.

More than half of all internet usage is via mobile devices
Finding new customers is at or near the top of most small businesses’ to-do list. This stat should serve as a pretty great road map for where a lot of them are: the mobile space. Most adults have their mobile device at arms reach 24/7. What better way to reach them, than to serve them an ad directly on that screen?

Redeeming mobile coupons is on the rise
In 2014, 25% of mobile phone users reported redeeming a coupon via their device. That number has grown exponentially every year, and there isn’t a real end in sight for it. A mobile coupon, coupled with a targeted ad served when consumers are at or near your business, is an amazing opportunity for you business, and could be a real differentiator for you against your competitors.

A majority of mobile searches lead to an immediate action
Mobile users mean business. They aren’t just browsing around. When a mobile user looks for directions to your store, it’s a meaningful interaction that’s generally an indication that they are planning on coming in to your store. In fact, 70% of mobile searches lead to action within 1 hour.

Mobile marketing may seem like a new space for your small business, but more and more companies are realizing that it’s an amazing opportunity to reach new customers and to reengage with old ones. Hit the link below for Adknowedge’s full article.

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10 Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help Justify Your Budget – AdKnowledge