There’s no denying that mobile marketing is on the rise, but it’s starting to look more and more like mobile is already the leader in marketing. Google is already predicting that mobile searches will surpass desktop searches by as soon as next year. This year, mobile advertising has grown exponentially, while desktop advertising has seen a much smaller growth, so that seems to support Google’s prediction. Also, currently 40% of mobile searches are local and 77% of those searches take place while the user is either at work or at home. Mobile has become an on-the-go marketing platform, and will only become more important as time goes by.

One of the greatest stats available about mobile marketing, and one of the top reasons everyone should be working on getting into the mobile marketing game, is that 81% of conversions from a mobile search happen within five hours of the search. People are depending on their mobile devices to help them make decisions on the go, and once the decision is made, they aren’t hesitating to act on what they’ve learned.