The crowds for Black Friday (not to mention Black Thursday, apparently) will be as crazy as ever. That’s not news for any business owner. So how do you get shoppers to choose your business over a big box store, or even a competing small business?

Black Friday & Mobile Advertising
The mobile revolution isn’t happening, it’s happened. We aren’t anticipating a mobile future, we are living in it. This is especially true when it comes to how people are buying stuff. Almost everyone is shopping with a smartphone in his or her hand. And before making a purchase, almost everyone is checking that smartphone to see if they SHOULD make that purchase. According to recent studies, 74% of users say they use their smartphone while they shop. Of those users, 79% make a purchase. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pinpoint those people out shopping near you, and serve them an ad for your business? That’s exactly what you get with a geofenced ad campaign. A radius is drawn around your business, and whenever a user walking into your “fence” your ad can be served to them. This is a pretty powerful tool for a small business to have. Especially knowing that 95% of users use their phones use them to look up local information. Of those, 61% made a call to the store, and then 59% actually visited the store. Now imagine that it isn’t just one shopper in your radius, but maybe a crowd of holiday shoppers in your neighborhood.

Bonus Fact
Plenty of businesses have an email list that they use to engage their customers and send deals out. But did you know: Mobile coupons are redeemed 8x as often as email coupons. So if you want to widest range, and best chance at getting customers to show up and redeem your offer, a mobile ad with a coupon is your best bet.

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and if you haven’t dipped your business’s proverbial toe in the mobile advertising water, there really couldn’t be a better time than now. UpSnap has created a geofenced ad package specifically built for small businesses.

UpSnap Ad Packages Starting at $100/month