Who is UpSnap?

UpSnap provides highly targeted, data-driven mobile advertising to attract the ideal audience for brands big and small. Combining first-party proprietary data and real-time analytics, UpSnap goes beyond location to deliver site agnostic and results-driven campaigns that produce qualified, engaged customers. UpSnap tailors each campaign to align with unique business goals, delivering the right customers for more meaningful exposure and better business results.


Reach, Targeting, and Results:
Dynamic access to consumers in all mobile contexts including: search, display, in app, maps, directory, social and video.
Full range of premium mobile ad formats dynamically delivered; including mobile banners, text messages, mobile coupons, installs, post backs, mobile video, in-game functionality, feature/post-feature sponsorship, form fills, click to call, click for directions, interactive blinks, IVR development and support, and much more
1+ Billion ad impressions per month on UpSnap’s own publisher network, plus the ability to serve ads on 3rd party networks representing 100+ billion impressions per month
API technology, algorithms and big data analytics.
Snapalytics is a leading analytics engine that targets consumers at a point when they are ready to transact
Infers each user’s personal consumption patterns based on their app/site usage patterns
More in-depth analysis than ad exchange analytics engines
Providing Real-time campaign measurement and revenue reporting dashboard for supply-side-platforms (SSPs) and demand-side-platforms (DSPs)
UpSnap will help you monetize your mobile website, game, tools – any app – local or national!
Monetize your unfilled digital inventory
Provide additional product for your reps
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