As a small business owner, nothing is more precious than time. Time is the one thing you can’t get more of, and the thing you cannot ever get back if it’s wasted. Once it’s gone… Poof. Gone forever. At UpSnap, we understand that. We’ve spent years working with small businesses, learning what’s most important to them, and working to be sure that we take that into account when we build our products. That’s why we made mobile advertising as quick and easy as possible. No time wasted on your end. Just complete these three easy steps, and then get back to doing what you do best: Running your business.

Step 1: Choose Your Advertising Package
With packages starting at just $100 per month, UpSnap is ready to help your small business grow. No matter if you own a coffee shop in a small town or if you manage a chain of five hardware stores across three states, we have a mobile advertising solution that will fit with your business’s specific needs.

Step 2: Submit Your Message
This is the fun part. You choose what you want to tell your prospective customers. What should your banner say? Do you have a unique story for your landing page? You can even create a coupon that your customers can save and bring in. Your landing page and banner will be customized with your logo (or an image of your choosing) as well.

Step 3: Choose Your Options
The coolest part of mobile advertising is that you can choose when and where your ad is served. Want your ad to be visible only during business hours when a customer is within 10 miles of your door? We can do that. Would you rather your ad ran 24/7, and the target area expanded and contracted based on optimal traffic? We can make that happen, too.

UpSnap makes mobile advertising easy for small businesses. UpSnap will feed your ad to shoppers near your business for only $100/month, and you’ll be featured on our mobile ad network which includes hundreds of top apps and sites like CBS News, NBC News, Pandora, Accuweather, and many more. Learn more…